Solid wood facings for armored doors

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Carefully selected woods for quality solutions

%22Heartwood%22 is the true, solid core of the tree, the material taken from the innermost section of the trunk, and so furthest away from the bark. At EFM Legno we design and produce solid wood panels for security doors, entrance doors and up and over doors of various types, using the very best types of wood that nature can offer.

The wood varieties that we choose for our panelling are dried by a procedure involving careful control of humidity reduction. This ensures that the seasoning process is uniform throughout, allowing the wood to reach a certain stabilized level of humidity, ideal for an outside environment where it comes into contact with the elements. The solid wood can be taken from various types of tree, each of which has its own special colouring and characteristics which make it unique of its kind.


At EFM Legno, we create solid wood panels in pine, American walnut, Iroko, Douglas fir, Daniela walnut, oak, chestnut, mahogany and cherry, thereby ensuring the greatest possible variety in our production and enabling us to satisfy the most demanding of clients.

The final product can be finished in various ways, from an untreated look to a stained finish, and ranging from the application of a natural varnish to lacquering in various shades. This last option is achieved by combining a walnut framework and profiled MDF panels.

Solid wood, a "living" material

The beauty of solid wood lies in the many whorls, streaks and shades which tell the story of the tree from which it was obtained and indicate its age, creating in every case a unique product with its own special personality.

As it is a completely natural and “living” product, one has to expect that over time it will change in form or in colour (generally, the wood grows darker over the years, especially if it is a pale variety such as beech or maple). This adds greatly to the attraction of this material but without in any way affecting its functional qualities.

A product designed to last over time

To make sure that your door remains weather-proof throughout the year, all the panels are treated with products specifically designed for outdoor use. The profiled panels are assembled and varnished separately from the framework, ensuring the strength and quality of every part of the finished product.