PVC facings for armoured doors

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PVC panels

Utilising the latest generation in PVC film as a facing for our panels signifies offering all the advantages of technological innovation and allows us to obtain a final result, guaranteed for 5 years, that is better than optimal in terms of the durability of the panel created, the ease of its maintenance and the aesthetic needs of a decorative effect that is ever more interesting and of high creative quality.

High performance guarantee

It is the multilayer feature that distinguishes the points of strength for this material, starting from the panel’s guarantee of a long-lasting service life and from aiding the cleaning operations that prove extremely quick and easy to complete. The number of films composing the facing varies in accordance with the type of design and aesthetic peculiarities required, whilst their bonding always remains perfectly stable. This allows for the creation of a film that provides effective protection against the effects of atmospheric agents, from corrosive damage due to various kinds of chemical products, in addition to allowing the perfect absorption of ultraviolet rays under any condition, even in the presence of a chromatic dark background, thus limiting deterioration due to the heat of high temperatures. All this guarantees an increase of at least 50% of the panel’s resistance capacity against each wearing action and its consequent durability over time.


High aesthetic value
Our PVC film combines the proven functional and technical validity with the advantage of achieving a high-quality and beautifully decorative effect, whilst offering of a wide range of colour variations that are sure to always remain bright and vivid. The numerous shades available are, in fact, obtained by utilising pigments that have been specially designed to ensure stability, so as to better reflect the colourful luminosity of a palette that, amongst other things, also includes the more difficult tones that make reference to white, whilst not lacking in specific colours created %22ad hoc%22.
Splendid solutions for every style
This excellent material is processed with innovative techniques, not only in terms of colour, but also with regard to the steps occurring successively to the embossing and printing. We have 120 different types of films with which to achieve a wide range of stylish, elegant and refined solutions to suit any environment: from the modern dimension of lacquer to panels that recount the ever-appreciated natural beauty of wood and with a final result bearing a truly exceptional quality, with attention given to every detail so as to be perfectly similar to the original in its various expressions, starting from the timeless elegance of the antiqued effect to that wishing to emphasise the intensity of its material aspect, thanks to the characteristics of roughness that is clearly evident to the touch, right through to the marvellous and versatile elegance of the Corian effect.