Flat panel facings for armoured doors

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Laminated wood and meticulous attention to detail

Our pantographed panels in artificial wood are created from a form of plywood which is assembled using waterproof melamine adhesives.
The high quality of this bonding process is crucial, in that it allows us create a finished product which is highly resistant to indirect exposure to sunlight and in particular to humidity. The particular way the fibres are arranged in the layers underlying the outer surface helps to recreate the effect of solid wood. In addition, our special method of assembling the layers ensures that the product is protected over the long term from any superficial cracks or splits.

Flat panels

The use of the pantograph device on wood can produce a great variety of final results, all producing a highly effective and pleasing aesthetic impact which makes them appear very similar to solid wood.
For this very reason, we offer various lines of pantographed products, ranging from more %22classic%22 designs with incisions that reveal the underlying layers and frame the door or entranceway with traditional geometric forms, to products that use inlays of other materials such as stainless steel, etched glass, or hand-painted molten glass to create very modern, sophisticated designs.

From our more classic doors, entrance doors, and up and over doors to our modern, sophisticated models, and to those with a more rustic appeal, we have designs to satisfy every requirement and suitable for all types of domestic setting, sure to give value added to any home.

Patience and precision produce an impeccable result

The finishing process involves three separate phases, each of them vitally important to achieve a perfect product:

  1. impregnation: the wood is treated using a special product which renders it resistant to UV rays, mildew and humidity.
  2. application of the base coat: this is a special waterproofing product designed to soak right through the wood.
  3. application of the finish: this is a varnish film which ensures that the wood is weather-proof and able to withstand stress; it is also a form of varnish which allows the wood to breathe naturally.

Our range of pantographed panels is available in the following varieties: okumè, Douglas fir, oak, pine, and finally the varnished version.
In the varnished version, the panels are produced in either MDF or OKOUME’.