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<h2>Flat panel facings</h2>
                <p>Our pantographed panels in artificial wood are created from a form of plywood which is assembled using waterproof melamine adhesives.</p> 
                <a class="button" href="/store/en/flat-panel-facings-c2.html"><span>Details</span></a> <h2>Solid wood facings</h2>
                <p>At EFM Legno we design and produce solid wood panels for security doors, entrance doors and up and over doors of various types, using the very[...]</p> 
                <a class="button" href="/store/en/solid-wood-facings-c1.html"><span>Details</span></a> <h2>PVC facings</h2>
                <p>MDF water repellent pantographed panels which, together with a valuable style, show the elegance and charme of stainless steel inserts. To[...]</p> 
                <a class="button" href="/store/en/pvc-facings-c21.html"><span>Details</span></a> <h2>Wood doors</h2>
                <p>We realize tailor made doors, with a wide selection of models and shades, to meet your every need.</p> 
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